Educational Offerings – Ethics Courses and Communication Skills for Massage Therapy and Teaching

Ethics as Right Use of Power-Bringing Compassion to Power

Power is the heart of ethics. This course guides each participant into a deeper understanding with your relationship with power and the impact it has on the therapeutic relationship. Class begins by exploring your habits and tendencies by exploring your personal power source. We continue with discussion of cultural messages about power and its different qualities. We will distinguish between personal power and role power along with finding balance with both sources. We will then transition into exploring specific dynamics of the therapeutic relationship to include: dual role relationship, discriminate self-disclosure, ethical decision making, impact and intention, three aspects of fostering clarity, accountability with clients, and discussing non-ordinary states. The class weaves self-reflection, lecture, art and music, along with time for open discussion.

Right Use of Power is the foundation of Kathy’s ethics courses. It will be woven throughout her other educational offerings.

Ethics as Soul Work-Weaving our Inner Life into the Session Room

We are blessed to live in a time when there are more distinct techniques, specializations and modalities of healing than ever before. Some of us have studied and currently offer our clients a variety of techniques, while others in our profession offer one special niche. Most of the modalities deliver a very powerful form of healing – however; is this enough? Is there a golden thread, a common core that unites all of us in this profession? What lies behind our certificates, knowledge, and expertise? Who is this person that offers Massage Therapy and Bodywork? Who is this human being?

The study and exploration of ethics reaches far beyond a professional requirement; it is more than good intentions, knowing and following, to the best of our understanding our external code of ethics, law and legislation. Ethics has to do with the most interesting parts of a human life such as inner development, intimacy, authenticity, spiritual nourishment, virtues, feelings, power and love.

Massage therapy is a vocation that requires constant renewal of mind, heart, and spirit if we want to avoid burn-out, take joy in our work, and grow in our service to others. Weaving ethics and soul work is a natural outgrowth of the following question – Who am I bringing into the session room? Ethics matters are often individual matters. The Dalai Lama states, “We must be on the journey of preparing our own hearts and action, before we can offer healing to others”. Being in this profession as both a practitioner and teacher has afforded me the gift and opportunity to consistently learn, grow, make mistakes and start all over again. The ethical conduct of professional relationships is often a complicated and delicate topic for both student and teacher. Over the years, Kathy has attempted to offer students a unique and meaningful approach to ethics education and to inspire all of you to explore the elements of healing that go beyond technique. Can we live more deeply into the self-hood that is our birthright?

Ethics as Soul Work explores topics such as:

  • The Soul of Service – distinguish service form helping or fixing, serving with your whole self
  • The Soul of Authenticity – out of the shadow, into the light
  • The Soul of Power – explore the complex dynamics of power and intention
  • The Soul of Purpose – listen to your life

Perhaps, like truth, ethics as soul work is not something to be known, but something to be. Come and join fellow colleagues for a day of nourishment and renewal. Explore the solitude of your soul!

Note: This course can count toward either ethics CE requirements or general CE requirements.

Ethics as Professional Self Care and Awareness – Caring for yourself inside and outside the therapeutic relationship

Is self-care an ethical issue? Does lack of self-care disrupt our ability to be present with our clients? As massage therapists and bodyworkers, we tend to focus our energies and attention toward service and the care of others to the detriment of our own care. Out of deep commitment to service and healing, we frequently forget when we are burned out, our clients will not be getting the level of professional care we are capable of offering. We will explore this topic through two lenses. One lens is exploring self-care inside the therapeutic relationship – holding the space with integrity, skill and wisdom. The other view is exploring self-care outside the therapeutic relationship – what is our relationship to our own self-care? The purpose of this educational program is to create a learning experience that provides information which guides the participant into a deeper understanding of self-care and our responsibility around this issue.

Power and Professionalism

This course explores the multiple dynamics of the professional power differential. Topics include: role power, the value of the client/therapist imbalance, establishing a professional framework, holding the container of intimacy, transference and counter-transference and sexual issues. Discussion will take place around defining professionalism – what is it? What does it look like and what does it feel like? Weaving power and professionalism is an art and skill.

Power of Communication and Presence – Developing a Healing Attention

Everyone has a compelling need for recognition of being. Paying attention to another is a consideration of a basic human need. Clients have 3 main requests they rarely voice in the session room: “Do you see me?”, “Do you hear me?”, and “Do authentically care?”

How do we know our client feels seen and heard? This interactive course offers each student specific ways of developing a healing attention within the therapeutic relationship. Kathy gently invites each student into the practice of various disciplines which foster attentive presence such as stillness, quiet presence, mindfulness, deep listening and simply learning to be with another – to pay attention. This class is for anyone who wishes to offer a most beautiful way of “being with” your client.

Fireside Chat/Garden Chat – Bringing Conversation to Ethics

Please join Kathy and fellow colleagues for this unique and supportive learning experience. The day offers an informal and intimate dialogue covering everything ethical. For many massage therapists the inspiration that led us into the caring profession often dissolves or our work life simply feels lonely. This communal theme promises to provide a safe, supportive and inspiring learning opportunity for all. Allow yourself the needed pause and nourishment only a circle of supportive colleagues can provide.

Teachers and Right Use of Power in the Classroom – Teaching with Power and Heart

All good teachers are truly present in the classroom, deeply engaged with their students and their topic. This course begins by exploring the multiple dynamics of the power differential and the influence teachers hold. Participants will be invited to explore their personal relationship with power and how this relationship expresses itself in their role as a teacher. Each participant will increase skills in establishing and maintaining clear boundaries in the classroom by identifying the principles which provide a quality learning environment; these include: accountability agreements, dual role relationships, and the art of being prepared.

Kathy gently invites each learner into a place of inward reflection. She brings heart and passion into the teaching environment.

Somatic Awareness in the Session Room – Introducing the Language of Inquiry and Invitation

Often during a massage, clients may drift into daydreams or want to carry on a casual conversation. The only proof they had a massage is oily hair and table face. This course is for massage therapist and bodyworkers who wish to invite clients into a mindful and collaborative experience – together fostering a relaxed attentiveness. In this class you will learn to integrate awareness practices such as somatic tracking, the witness state, the gentle art of invitation and inquiry, sensation vocabulary, dynamics of boundaries, and containment and scope of practice. This course does not teach a specific technique; rather it is an orientation into the body and its wisdom.

Class will begin by exploring your own body and developing awareness – fostering your capacity to sit in stillness, listen deeply, and befriend your body in new ways. The hope is that you will learn to deepen your relationship with your body. Remember, the more open we are to our own bodies, the more we can open to life outside ourselves, and so it is true for your clients.
Kathy brings her 22 years of being active in this profession, along with her Hakomi training, into this new and deeper way of working with clients.

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