Beyond the Mind’s Eye – Vision Your Future Now

Beyond the Mind’s Eye offers one of a kind personal development courses, workshops, seminars, mastermind discussion groups, coaching, facilitation and continuing education.
Elements of Beyond the Mind’s Eye:

  • Thinking Into Results
  • 180 Degree Financial Coaching
  • Ethical Dimensions
  • Beyond the Mind’s Eye Learning Center

What’s behind the name?

Beyond the Mind’s Eye refers to the invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Our goal is to help you see what is possible for you by becoming aware of the unseen, and to truly vision your future now! Bringing your future into the present is the 20/20 vision needed for living the life you desire!

See the world not from your physical eye but through the eye of God.

What do you really want in your life?
What is getting in your way?
Can you see beyond who you think you are?

Tom and Kathy work with individuals, small business, young professionals, entrepreneurs, holistic health practitioners and families. We offer a proven system of personal change filled with resources, guidance, training and support to anyone interested in taking charge of one’s life.

Together Tom and Kathy have a vision of supporting you into your fullest potential – moving beyond the person you think you are and living the life you truly want to live!

If you can see it, you can achieve it!

The only limits are those of vision!

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